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This is the Public version of the Resources page. For the full version containing links on education, safety, specialized tool loan program, recommended locations for parts and service, and discounts available to members, please LOGIN to get access to members-only content.

One of the advantages of membership in AJE is the opportunity to learn from and share with each other.  AJE has some of the most experienced and knowledgable wheelers around and we have developed a library of wheeling resources available exclusively to our members. This library includes blogs where members post about and comment on various ongoing upgrade / repair projects and other topics of interest. We’ve added a forum page where members can post classified listings for Jeep parts they’re selling or giving away (or parts they need) and where they can post facility and trail reports from their latest wheeling trip. It also contains other pages full of insider information gathered through our members’ experiences, from education on your rig and wheeling, to safety, to discounts available to members.  Also included is a list of specialized tools our members are willing to loan out, along with information on recommended locations for parts and services.

BLOGS – Collected here are posts and comments covering a wide variety of ongoing projects and topics of interest. It’s a great way for members to start an online dialog about a current event or to keep the club updated on their progress on an upgrade or repair, including photos and videos. We also maintain a searchable archive of older posts that may be interesting or useful in the future.

FORUM – This is where our members go to post classified listing with Jeep parts they’re selling or giving away (or parts they need). They also post facility and trail reports from their latest wheeling trip. We use the most recent reports to keep our Location pages up to date so that all of our members know exactly what to expect when they show up for a wheeling event.

EDUCATION – While some AJE members have years of experience wrenching and wheeling, others are relative newcomers, and one of our goals is to help promote and grow our sport by providing information to “newbies”.  Collected in this section is a wide variety of topics we hope our members will find helpful. It includes information on all the major components in your rig, engine codes, radios & communication, tools & supplies for the trail, spare parts for the trail, what to bring wheeling, and also a wheeling dictionary that covers some of the unique terminology of our sport.

SAFETY – Wheeling is inherently safer than other motorsports where high speeds are the norm, but our sport is certainly not without risk.  Collected in this section is information about situational awareness and emergency preparedness, which are the keys to reducing the likelihood of encountering dangerous situations and to minimizing the chance of serious injury when accidents occur. It includes information on working with a spotter, recovery situations, hi-lift jacks, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and more.

DISCOUNTS – Through our vendor partnerships and sponsors, AJE members are eligible for discounts from several parts and service shops.  This section contains a list of those vendors with links to their websites, along with information about the parts and services they provide, and the discount available to our members.

SPECIALIZED TOOLS – If you’re working on a repair or modification that requires a specialized tool, you have a decision to make.  Some of us always enjoy adding to our toolbox, so buying a tool you might never use again is an option.  Many local parts suppliers offer free or low-cost rental of certain tools, which can be a great choice if they have the tool on hand when you’re ready to use it.  Another option is to borrow the tool from a club member (and at the same time, you might get an insider’s experience on how to use it!)  This section contains a listing of specialized tools (some of which were custom-built by members) and the club member who is willing to lend it out.

PARTS & ACCESSORIES – AJE members obtain parts and accessories for their rigs from a wide range of local and national suppliers.  This section contains a list of vendors and links to their websites, along with information about the parts & accessories they provide, organized into sections for all the major parts & accessories categories for your rig.

SERVICE – AJE members obtain services for their rigs from a variety of shops.  This section contains a list of vendors and links to their websites, along with information about the services they provide.