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Who is Austin Jeep Exclusive?

Founded in 2005, Austin Jeep Exclusive (AJE) is the longest continuously operating Jeep club in central Texas.  Our roots go back even further – AJE is actually the third Jeep Exclusive club in Texas, following the original club in Amarillo and the second in San Antonio.  We are a non-profit, family friendly club providing social, educational, and recreational activities for our members.  AJE organizes and holds monthly off-road outings and club meetings, as well as other events such as social hours, beach runs, hill country runs, and out of state trips.  We also provide support to local and national charitable causes, especially those with ties to our sport, such as Tread Lightly!, Wheelers for the Wounded – Texas, and the BlueRibbon Coalition /

How is AJE different?

For starters, we’re all about Jeeps!  We have plenty of friends who wheel other types of vehicles, but to join our club, you must have a Jeep.  Another difference is that we’re an organized club!  We have articles of incorporation and bylaws, our members elect a board annually, we have scheduled wheeling and meeting events at least monthly, and although we have a Facebook page, we’re more likely to connect in person than online.  We really like to take our Jeeps off-road as often as possible and our more experienced members enjoy sharing their knowledge and insight with newcomers to the sport.  The quality of our trail guides is fantastic so you’re always in good hands and many of our members are also skilled fabricators and mechanics.  Our interests are also diverse – whether you’re a rock crawler, overlander, or just like cruising your Jeep in the hill country, you’ll be among like-minded Jeep enthusiasts! And if you’re new to Jeep ownership or off-roading, you’ve come to the right place.  We love helping newcomers and growing the Jeep community!

Why should I join AJE?

Your annual membership provides the following benefits:

  1. Access to participate in club runs and member meetings each month
  2. A free AJE decal for new members and a free AJE t-shirt each year, along with access to purchase other club merchandise at cost
  3. Discounts with several parts suppliers and installation/repair shops
  4. Club-provided main course for dinner at most official club runs (members supply appetizers / side dishes / desserts)
  5. Access to participate in our annual holiday party and gift exchange
  6. Access to members-only portions of our website and our private Facebook group
  7. Helps to support our donations to charitable causes like Tread Lightly!, Wheelers for the Wounded – Texas, and the BlueRibbon Coalition /
  8. Most importantly, you’ll be joining a great group of friends who share a love of Jeeps, wheeling, wrenching, and camping, and who’ll be more than happy to share their experience and knowledge with you.

How do I join AJE?

To become an AJE member you need to submit an application and waiver along with your annual dues.  All paperwork and payment submission are handled through our convenient online process.  Once your paperwork and payment have been processed, you will receive a welcome e-mail including login instructions for the members-only portions of our website.

What if I have a “stock” Jeep with no modifications?

That’s great!  Every Jeep is different and we have all kinds in our club, from completely stock to highly modified buggies.  Some of our members prefer to keep their Jeep stock, while others are always looking forward to their next modification.  While we do have a few “trailer queens”, the majority of our members choose to maintain street legal status for their Jeep and most drive them every day.  Regardless of the age or state of your Jeep, you’ll be sure to find other members with a similar rig.

What if I have never been off-road before?

You’re lucky!  There’s nothing quite like the first time taking your Jeep wheeling.  You’ll be absolutely amazed at the trails you and your Jeep will be able to complete your first time out.  Believe it or not, we’ve had new members join who had never even put their Jeep into four wheel drive.  Regardless of your experience, we’ll have a trail guide / spotter who will ensure that you have a great time.

What is different between “Club” and “Open” events?

Club events (like our monthly wheeling run) are limited to paid members only, unless you have been invited as a guest of a paid member.  Open events (like our social hours and monthly meetings) are open to anyone who is interested in finding out more about AJE.

What do I need to bring to a wheeling event?

There’s only one requirement – yourself!  That’s right, you don’t even need to bring your Jeep and we frequently have members ride passenger in another rig if their Jeep is unavailable (this usually happens when someone is in the middle of a major modification that they can’t complete between runs).  Other recommended / optional items:

  1. Family – we are a family oriented club and bringing your family members can enhance your experience
  2. Clothing – your AJE t-shirt, plus additional layers (the temperature at many of our wheeling locations can change dramatically during the day).  You may also want a change of clothes in case it is muddy and raingear depending on the weather.  Be certain to have sturdy footwear with a good grip.
  3. Cooler with water and lunch.  Also, a side dish if you’re staying for the club meal.
  4. Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Fire Extinguisher, readily accessible
  7. GMRS Radio – useful to communicate with other members on the trail (and required for certain events like Jeep Jamborees)
  8. Recovery Strap – for helping another Jeep stuck on an obstacle, or for hooking your Jeep up to another if you get stuck
  9. Basic tool kit for trail repairs
  10. Hi-lift Jack
  11. Toilet Paper / Baby Wipes
  12. Trash Bag – our policy is to leave the trails cleaner than we find them
  13. Cellphone (you probably won’t be making many calls, but great for taking pictures and video)
  14. Tent / Camping Gear – if you’re planning to stay overnight

If there are items on the list you don’t have, don’t worry!  Someone else will have it and they’ll be happy to share and help you out.