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Welcome to Austin Jeep Exclusive

Schoolbus @ Katemcy Rocks
Banner @ Oxford Ranch
Jeep Family
Colton’s Ravine @ Stillwaters
Lathe @ Trees Ranch
Milky Way @ Trees Ranch
AJE @ Stillwaters
Dart Bowl @ Stillwaters
Royal Gorge @ Hidden Falls
Graduation @ Stillwaters
T-Rex @ Wolf Caves
Cow Roadblock @ Stillwaters

Founded in 2005, Austin Jeep Exclusive (AJE) is the longest continuously operating Jeep club in central Texas. We are a non-profit, family friendly club providing social, educational, and recreational activities for our members.  AJE organizes and holds monthly off-road outings and club meetings, as well as other events such as social hours, beach runs, hill country runs, and out of state trips. We also provide support to local and national charitable causes, especially those with ties to our sport, such as Tread Lightly!, Wheelers for the Wounded – Texas, and the BlueRibbon Coalition /